Why Dispensaries Are Growing

A dispensary is a small office located in a private medical facility, school, hospital, office building, or any other organization that dispenses medical supplies, drugs, and even dental and medical care. In a conventional Clinic setup, a licensed pharmacist regularly dispenses drugs through the order or prescription form provided by a medical doctor. Some clinics and hospitals also have “open pharmacies,” which allow patients to receive their prescriptions without having to wait on the pharmacy counter. Clinics that offer “consolidated pharmacies” are similar to traditional open-facelashes except that patients are not required to first wait in the waiting room for a pharmacist before they can receive their prescriptions. Many Consolidated Pharmacies offers same-day service, which means that a patient can receive their prescription up to the minute.Feel free to find more information at Ayr Wellness Medical Marijuana Dispensary New Castle, Pennsylvania.

In Canada, there are approximately fifteen active Canadian marijuana dispensaries. The most popular among them are Canada’s Marijuana Shop, the Ontario Pain Clinic, and the Toronto Cannabis Shop. These three establishments alone account for almost two hundred thousand visits annually! Despite public perception, there is no legislation currently in force in Canada that authorizes marijuana use for medicinal purposes. Instead, the government encourages the purchase and use of regulated pharmaceutical drugs like Oxycotin and Marinol. Medical marijuana cannot be mixed with prescription drugs and cannot be purchased over the counter.

As laws regulating medical marijuana are largely ignored, recreational dispensaries continue to grow in number. Although marijuana is still illegal under the federal government, many provinces, including Canada, have taken steps to legalize and regulate the sale of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. In California, laws regulating marijuana were recently passed, and entrepreneurs immediately flocked to the state to establish marijuana retail shops. Even though recreational dispensaries are not currently legal, the sale and distribution of edibles continue to raise millions of dollars every year. Whether used as medicine, for medical purposes or both, marijuana has definitely become a billion-dollar industry.

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