What You Should Know About Pool Maintenance Chemicals

To keep your custom swimming pool free of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms, it is necessary to chemically treat your custom pools. Chemicals help maintain PH levels and eliminate toxins in pool water, prevent clouding of water and remove stains. Here are some pool maintenance chemicals that you should be aware of.Get the facts about KB Custom Pools


Sanitizers are chemicals that inhibit growth of micro organisms such as viruses, algae and other contaminants. Chlorine and bromine are the two most common sanitizers. Chlorine acts as a disinfectant and the ideal chlorine level in water should be between 1 and 3 ppm. Bromine is an alternative to chlorine and the ideal level of bromine is 3 ppm. Bromine dissolves slowly and is a more effective sanitizer than chlorine.

It is recommended that you use stabilized 1″ chlorinating tabs, 3″ chlorinating tabs, 1″ bromine tabs or skimmer sticks. These can be easily dispensed using floating feeder, skimmer basket or a chlorinator. Use di-chlor chlorinating granules if you want to disperse sanitizers directly. But make sure that the chlorine level doesn’t cross the optimum level.

Pool balancers

Pool balancers are chemicals that prevent cloudy water and algal growth. In addition, they boost the performance of chlorine. Pool balancers can also be added to maintain the PH level of the pool water. In order to prevent skin or eye irritation among pool users, it is advisable to maintain PH level between 7.2 and 7.6.


UV rays from the sun dissipate the chlorine in the pool water. To prevent dissipation of chlorine, stabilizers are used. But remember that stabilizers should be used in measured amounts as high amounts of stabilizers can result in cloudy pool water.


If you want to raise the chlorine level in water, using shocks will be the ideal option. During periods of hot weather or heavy usage of your swimming pool, bacteria can resist normal chlorination. So, to break up such contaminants it is essential to apply shock.


Algae are of various types such as black, green, mustard and pink and are the cause of slipperiness on pool surface, spots on pool floor and cloudy or green water. Algaecides are chemicals that inhibit algal growth.


Body lotion and oil from pool users can cause pool water clouding and scum. To prevent build up of scum and oil, enzymes can be used. It is advisable that you add enzymes at least once a week.