Tenant rights and landlord power in Germany

Rental option is fast becoming a trend for individuals looking for practical and economical ways on dealing with their housing needs. It is quite inevitable that most home owners experience home loss due to the continuous impact of a down economy. Furthermore, the aftershocks of the sub prime crisis and the credit crunch of the previous years is still manifesting in the real estate industry of today. For landlords who have the resources to generate income through leasing out their properties to qualified tenants, there are basic rights and obligations they are entitled and obliged to do. Same thing is true with renters who have their own share of responsibilities in line with renting out a unit or residential property. visit

For landlords, they have their basic rights especially in ensuring that their properties are maintained and kept in good quality and condition in the duration of the occupancy of their tenants. Furthermore, it is their responsibility to provide and healthy and habitable place of abode for their prospective renters. Thus, make sure that you basically do the general cleaning prior to the occupancy of your tenants. Clean the area and de-clutter items which may have been left by your previous tenants and the like. Make sure that you dust everything especially if you have furniture and belongings in the unit or residence.

It is also part and parcel of your landlord responsibility to address certain repair issues in the house. Home maintenance is vital in order to ensure that your tenants have good living conditions and that they can smoothly go through their usual and daily tasks and chores without hassle and delays. Hence, before accepting tenants to rent your property, check the entire building and look for repair and fixture issues on the exterior and structure of the property. You must also address the systems such as heating and cooling installation and repair, baths, sinks, basins, electrical system and other sanitary installations among others.

For landlords who are facing problems regarding tenants such as delayed or missed payments, property damage and other deviance from the rules and regulations signed in the rental agreement, you have the right to give warnings and inform your tenants regarding their misdemeanor. Should they not budge with your verbal and written warning, you may opt for an eviction proceeding after consulting with your legal attorney or confiding the problem with the property management company which is handling your rental unit.

Tenants on the other hand also have their basic rights according to the regulations issued by the housing development authority. Tenants have the right to a habitable and healthy environment and must acknowledge the landlord should they encounter certain problems that hinder the quality of their living conditions. Their primary obligation towards their tenant is to promptly and regularly pay their monthly rents as well as submitting to the terms and conditions in the rental agreement they have signed together with the property owner.