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Make sure that the floor you will be installing tiles on is clean if you want to do a clean job of tiling the floor. Check for cracks and debris if you’re working on a concrete subfloor. Second, sweep your concrete subfloor and patch your cracks. Replace certain floor parts with fresh concrete if you see that any of the cracks are too big to patch. Over time, big cracks (or even smaller ones) expand and this will impact your tiles, too. Make sure it is structurally sound and capable of sustaining your ceramic tile installation if you are working with a plywood subfloor. “The thickness of your plywood floor must be at least 1 1/8” and protected by an equally solid underlay underneath it. Ceramic tiles are heavy and will require a subfloor that can withstand their combined weight. Otherwise, they would dislodge or even break. Visit us for great deals in Tile Installers Portland Oregon-Tile Installers Portland Oregon

If you are operating on an existing ceramic tile floor, what you need to do is use a big flat-bladed chisel and a mallet, and just hammer away. Lay out your ceramic tiles by following the chalk lines you’ve previously made to get a better visual of how your tile floor will look like. Begin at the middle and move out to the edges. Start at the centre, where your intersecting lines meet and work out your way. In this section of the ceramic tile installation instructions, you can go innovative and actually see the perfect look for You can now start tiling after you have put the tiles on the floor in the way you want. Using a thin set mortar, or a tile adhesive of your choosing, place the centre tile and bond it to your subfloor. It is recommended that you use a notched trowel to add the mortar to the subfloor, but you can actually use the more common trowel variety that many ceramic tiles I can suggest
Make sure you allow the tile adhesives to settle overnight. You should also review the instructions for setting or hardening time for the bonding of your thin set mortar or tile adhesive for ceramic tile installations.