Micro Tattoo Chronicles

Most people would choose much smaller designs than big ones for many reasons. One of the reasons is the price factor. Those who are having their tattoo for the first time also prefer smaller designs just to be careful. Visit us on PacificBeachTattooShop.

Even if you choose a small design, you still need options on how small your tattoo size is going to be. The size will depend upon the placement of your tattoo because even if you decided how small it is the placement need to be greatly considered. A small tattoo will still look bigger if you decide to put it on your wrist while a small wrist tattoo will not look good if you want it on your lower back.

The next thing to consider is the details of the tattoo. If your tattoo is too small you need not to include so many details on it since it will just clutter on your tattoo and it will look bad. Make sure that if you want to include some details, the size of the tattoo can carry it.

If you have a small tattoo you need to know how to care for it properly. You need to protect you small tattoo form the sun. If you must stay outside make sure that you apply sunscreen or else the ink blotting will happen. Sun can make the ink spread faster damaging your small tattoo.

It is not easy having a tattoo just like any parts of your body, tattoos need special care too, so that the colors will not fade and will stay beautiful forever. You need to follow the advice of the tattoo artist and the procedures of proper caring.

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