Medical marijuana for PTSD – Know More

With all of the television shows, movies, and general myths about teens, it’s convenient for adults to assume that marijuana is used by the majority of teenagers. Despite the stereotype, few people actually use it. In reality, according to one recent statistic, only about one in every seven teenagers uses marijuana. This isn’t to suggest that your adolescent will never be convinced or interested in giving it a shot, or that they will never become addicted to it. There are a variety of reasons why a teenager may want to try the drug, the most common of which are stress at home, school, and peer pressure. Being honest with your adolescent and paying attention to changes in their mood and personality will aid in detecting any potential substance use early on. When it comes to preventing drug use, education and communication between parents and teenagers are important. more

There are a variety of explanations why teens begin to use marijuana. Some parents will never believe their children could start using the drug. It all depends on the person, their stress levels, who they hang out with, and who may be using it around them. Many adolescents begin using the drug as a result of peer pressure, particularly if they are determined to be one of the famous kids. The second most common explanation for forming a marijuana habit is stress. It’s possible that the teen is having a difficult time at home. They may be stressed because their parents are divorcing, a close family member has died, or they are having problems with their parents. The stress may also be a function of their efforts to attain high grades in school, which are often more a result of their parents’ expectations than of their own. Regardless of the justification for use, it can easily become an addiction that causes problems in education, relationships, and at home.