Marble Countertop Information

The marble is elegant and luxurious, a warm and soft stone. Marble is robust and long-lasting, and to make exclusive compositions, it provides discreet paint options and veining patterns. Marble may be an costly alternative, comparable to other natural stones. It is sometimes used, instead of on all the surfaces, on particular areas of a space. Marble is immune to water and fire, but needs daily maintenance.Have a look at Granite Depot of Lexington for more info on this.

Marble is a metamorphic layer, like dolostone or limestone, arising from the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks.

A complete re-crystallization of real rock is induced by the operation. Marble is offered in a number of shades, including white , grey, pink , orange, black and brown. It is a naturally decorative substance characterised by its shapes that are vein-like.

The Marble and Granite Variations

Marble and granite, while both natural stones, have several distinct characteristics that should be noticed when it comes to countertop surfaces. The density and toughness of granite tend to render it immune to damages, acids, stains and fire. The density of marble makes it more susceptible to such damage, but enables the stone to be cut into more intricate designs.

It is also used for more fragile objects, such as vases and fireplace mantels, or designs in bathrooms, owing to the softer construction of marble. When used in low-traffic environments, marble is ideal because it’s lighter and more porous than granite. Despite their sensitivities, the charm of marble can always be enjoyed; it just takes a little extra delicacy.

Marble is typically not, but can be readily inserted into a space, whereas granite is used for whole rooms. Advances are being made possible to secure marble surfaces, such as modern treatments that have not been around in the past, to prevent cracking in marble. New sealers may also secure marble better.

Maintaining Marble

Marble is a unique option that adds a stylish appearance, but not best for commonly used countertops. If the strength of marble is in question, it is safe to use it on an island or insert it at a baking core.

Acid items such as fruit, tomato sauce, coffee, and wine readily stain marble countertops and tabletops. Do not wash, do not spill instantly, and only rinse with gentle soap and warm water. Do not explicitly set the hot pans on the marble. And between marble and something that could scratch it, including a pan or utensils, put a mat or paper.

Use coasters, especially those containing acidic compounds such as fruit juices, wine or coffee, between marble and any glasses.