Installation Of Fire Barriers

The role of fire barriers is vital when it comes to controlling fire. This is due to the fact that these structures are installed in front of the fire hazards so as to prevent them from spreading. Apart from protecting people, these barriers are equally essential for maintaining the property and also for ensuring safety at industrial complexes, warehouses and other public buildings. Basically these structures serve as a one way link between various walls or rooms where there is a possibility of a fire outbreak.learn how

Generally these are manufactured from materials such as aluminium, steel or timber and they can either be placed inside or outside the building. The latter option is preferred because you can either choose to have the fire barriers extend or stretch out without any limitation while the former option is preferred if you want the barrier to stay within the interior walls of the building. When it comes to the design aspect, these are often manufactured in accordance with the exterior design and appearance and sometimes they are manufactured using special fire retardant paints. In some cases, the external fire barriers are designed to fit flush with the exterior walls while the interior walls of the building are designed to have a gap of three inches.

As far as the fire barriers are concerned, they differ from one property to another depending on their overall fire-resistance rating. Generally, they are designed to resist at least two hours of extreme fire pressures. In order to make sure that they do not fall short of the required standards, all manufacturers of these products have set out very specific and stringent specifications. In fact, they are regularly tested by government organizations in order to ensure that they meet the required safety levels. If you wish to install fire barriers on the interior walls of your building, then you should check whether the manufacturer has already pre-qualified and approved them using the latest fire-resistance rating tests.