Information About Dugas Dental & Carr Orthodontics

While all dentists focus on teeth, not all dentists or dental clinics are the same. There are dental clinics that specialise in family dentistry, as well as paediatrics, orthodontics, geriatric dentistry, and cosmetic corrections.

A good family dentist would have leaflets prepared specifically for children to read or look at about the most common procedures that children undergo. These leaflets should be vivid, vibrant, and simple to comprehend for children. Giving your children details tailored to their needs will make them feel more secure. Dugas Dental & Carr Orthodontics

The majority of family dentistry clinics are classified as general dentistry. The clinic’s general dentistry department handles the most common dental issues. When you visit a dentist who specialises in general dentistry, you will get the following procedures.

• Tooth extractions • Tooth fillings • Tooth brushing • Dental checkups • Children’s oral hygiene instruction • Root canals • Tooth caps

Some family dentists have free consultations or pre-visit sessions for children, during which they will show them around the office and kindly illustrate the value of dental work. This appointment should not be used to scare your child into complying, so your dentist should avoid showing them photos of decayed teeth.