Impact Of Attorney General and Foreclosures

Although, many, if not, most previous, Attorney Generals, who were appointed by other Presidents, may have proceeded, with some degree of excessive loyalty, to their boss, we have never, in recent memory, observed anyone, who has served his President, with the apparent sort of absolute loyalty, as William Barr, has exhibited, for/ towards, President Donald Trump.Do you want to learn more? Visit this post

Even, Trump’s original Attorney General Jeff Sessions, seemed to realize the limitations, when it comes, to certain issue! Those, holding this position, of power, as the highest lawyer, in the land, and head of the Department of Justice, are supposed to be the people’s lawyer, and, not, the President’s lawyer, and fixer! We have witnessed, what many believe, and perceive, as questionable behaviors, including: his handling of the Mueller Report’s release; apparently, investigating Trump’s political opponents, etc; his apparent partisan decisions; reversing policy in the case against Flynn; and, in many other instances. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 suggestions, to ensure, we don’t see this type of situation, in the future.

1. Strict oversight: No one should be above the law, and this must include, any member of the Cabinet, etc, and, especially, the Attorney General! This nation does not need, someone, who seems to see his duty, as, primarily, serving the President’s best interests, rather than the greater good! To prevent this, we need to demand, a system, in – place, for strict oversight of everyone, serving in any position of government! This must be, especially true, when it comes to the A.G., because, if our laws, permit any one person, to have that amount of power, it is dangerous!

2. People’s attorney, not President’s: This position is supposed to be, protecting the nation’s laws, and its citizens, and, not, prioritizing any individual (including a President’s) personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! In the future, this needs to be codified, into Federal law!

3. Ethics requirement: Mr. Barr has already, on several occasions, exhibited behaviors, where many might question his ethics. Many previous prosecutors, and legal scholars, have done so, and condemned these behaviors and actions. A few examples of this, include: his commentary and apparent summary, before submitting the Mueller Report; encouraging excessive, apparent misuse of military power; threatening Governors, in order to try to influence them, to this administration’s perspective; etc. We must have a strict, ethics requirement, for future holders, of this position.