Hearing Aids Performance- A Work In Progress

To their wearers, hearing aids are only as useful as the consistency of their performance. And like any other electronic product, a wide range of factors can affect the output of hearing aids.Learn more about us at AVA Hearing Center

Your audiologist will assess the output of the hearing aids over a range of sound levels and against a variety of contexts when you’re first tested and fitted for your hearing aids. This will guarantee that the output of your hearing aids is tailored for as wide a variety of environments as possible.

Your hearing aid manufacturer will tailor the programming to the environment prescribed by your audiologist, and the output of your hearing aids will be determined by such factory settings when you receive them. But between the time you were checked and the time you finally got your hearing aids, things may have changed, so the output of your hearing aids might not be what you expected.

This is completely natural, particularly for users of hearing aids who are transitioning from digital hearing aids to analogue hearing aids. So, if you have problems with the efficiency of your hearing aids, your audiologist will like to know about it.

Finding Your Problem

Your audiologist will re-test your hearing first to see if it has improved at all since the previous tests, which can account for your disappointment with the output of your hearing aids. The audiologist will next check the hearing aids themselves for defective parts and programming, or physical harm, if your hearing is the same.

If the output of the unsatisfactory hearing aids is due to a change in your hearing, the audiologist may reprogram them; if the hearing aids are customizable, with the help of the manufacturer’s manuals, you might be able to fine-tune them yourself.

Realizing that there’s a problem

Many individuals especially first-time users of hearing aids, simply go through life with poor performance of hearing aids because they do not know how well current state-of-the-art hearing aids are capable of performing. In listening aids, whistling from feedback and background sounds that make speech difficult to hear is no longer appropriate.

The efficiency of your hearing aids, even though they worked well when you first got them, will deteriorate over time. This can happen because your batteries are getting low, or because they need a good cleaning, but the main problem is that the hearing continues to shift.