Guide To Bed Bug Extermination

To more and more individuals, bed bugs are becoming a nuisance. There are soaring reports of infestations. Especially in places where individuals live closely together, such as apartments, condos, hotels , motels, and college dorm rooms. A1 Bed Bug Exterminator Miami is an excellent resource for this.

It is believed that this recent spike in infestations is in part due to increased world travel. The nasty little bugs can hide around the world in luggage and hitch a ride.

One problem is that a lot of exterminators are not trained in bed bug treatment because infestations are a relatively recent problem. Another part of the issue is that bedbugs are more resistant to insecticides than in the past.

They will often try to treat it the same way they would treat other bugs when an inexperienced exterminator comes across an infestation and that just doesn’t work.

Since the bed bug is a nocturnal insect, most infestations are in the areas where people sleep and will generally only feed in the hours just before dawn. Until they notice a bed bug bite, it is not unusual for the victim to be unaware of an infestation.

Several steps are included in a successful treatment plan.

Verify a genuine infestation

De-clutter zone to limit hiding places around the infestation.

Use the brush to loosen the bed’s eggs.

Vacuum the mattresses and box springs thoroughly.

Clean and vacuum all the floors and furniture around the bed thoroughly.

Wash all bedding and clothes in the area with as much water as possible and dry on high heat for an extra long time.

A product designed to get rid of bed bugs chemically treats the area.

Chemically treat all points where your home may be accessed.

To obtain missed eggs, re-treat and re-clean the area weekly for three to four weeks.

You could purchase a sealable cover for the mattress, box springs and pillows if you are concerned about infestations in your mattress to keep anything trapped in them and prevent further infestation. Just make sure that the covers state that they are for bedbug use.

You just need to be patient. You can get rid of bed bugs.