Food Allergies and Naturopaths

Food allergies are becoming an growing problem for children of all ages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.1 In clinical practise, it is normal to see food allergies associated with a wide variety of medical conditions affecting nearly all ages of the population. Food allergies may trigger physiological changes in the body that contribute to moderate to serious inflammatory conditions such as eczema, asthma, sinusitis, chronic bronchitis and colitis, to name a few, resulting in mild gastrointestinal symptoms. my response
The Gastro-Intestinal tract has the largest concentration of immune system cells, so food plays an incredibly important role in both allergies and sensitivities. According to its own biochemical composition, the ability of each organism to metabolise toxins, pollens, foods and chemicals can vary considerably. Person blood testing will identify secret food allergies that cause delayed reactions using ELIZA (Enzyme Related ImmunoAssay) technology. Inflammation and low nutrient absorption are caused by food allergies, resulting in a number of health issues.
When you decide the foods you should avoid, you can start a procedure for detoxification that includes eliminating certain particular foods for a period of time. Unlike immediate food allergies that cause a serious and potentially life-threatening immune reaction, once the immune system is supported, delayed food allergens can be reintroduced. One of the best ways to improve your immune system and raising the total ‘toxin’ load is detoxification.
Detoxification includes changes in diet and lifestyle which decrease toxin intake while improving elimination. It helps to decrease the toxin load by eliminating chemicals from food or other sources, including processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol , tobacco, and narcotics. There are also important measures to drink more water and increase fibre by incorporating more fruits and vegetables in the diet. Emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, pathogens, seasons, and dietary imbalances are additional factors influencing the occurrence of allergies. Via numerous laboratory tests and clinical exams, a naturopathic doctor is able to provide a full health assessment to help cure and prevent common chronic and acute diseases.