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There are a myriad of choices for patients to choose from as of May 20th, 2011, the day this article is being written, when it comes to choosing a clinic to get their Medical Marijuana Authorization in Washington State. Here are TWO areas where patients can refrain from obtaining their permits. Get the facts about CBD Tincture
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1. Dispensaries, or any location where medicinal cannabis is produced or grown.
This almost seems like common sense, but many dispensaries (which are illegal anyway) provide permission to work for them over specific days and hours by hiring a doctor.
Why should that be prevented? For one thing, several dispensaries are starting to turn down licences that have been issued by dispensaries. Second, there is an ongoing legislature that will soon make this form of operation illegal (providing licences in a dispensary setting). Here is an extract from Senate Bill 5073 (currently in the Senate of Washington State as of 20 May 2011):
[Lines 11-13, Page 11] ‘A health care professional shall not […] examine or offer to examine a patient at a location where cannabis is produced, processed or dispensed for the purpose of diagnosing a terminal or debilitating medical condition;
While this is not the current law, avoiding dealing with (illegal) dispensaries is still important. As a patient, dispensaries are unable to validate you because they do not file or retain any medical records or patient files, or they do not have the medical facilities or employees who could offer who service. While the doctor you were hired to represent will be able to file and check your record for you, it is doubtful they will, or at least there is a chance.
2. “Clinics” that exist for the sole purpose of granting permits.
It can be hard to gauge this. But, a good test is to see if the doctor you see will still see you for other medical conditions, such as a flu, cold, or some other ailment, for your medical marijuana assessment. Please check the credentials of your physician; are they an MD? Are they under licence? Out of a rented office space, anyone can throw on a robe and run an operation. Checking whether their practise is valid is significant.
In addition, these clinics will also be phased out soon. Another Senate Bill 5073 excerpt:
“[Lines 14-15, page 11]” A health care professional shall not … have an undertaking or activity consisting solely of the authorisation of the medicinal use of cannabis;
Conclusion: Why should these clinics be avoided NOW?
These “operations” do not operate in the interest of the patient, if you will. How are we able to tell? Well, they obviously do not track the state legislature and the evolving legislation. If they don’t track them now, what does it mean that they’re going to monitor them later? Are they now consciously ensuring their conformity with the legislature and planning for the coming amendments that are a little over a year away?
Do they regularly consult patients and address questions about the law that they might have? Or do they go along happily and profit while they can? If they are compliant with SB5073 NOW, a good way to assess a clinic is. Do they still offer multi-year or lifetime authorisations? Do their physicians have alternative packages or alternatives for medicinal cannabis as well? That is also a potential legal reform that is going to be a prerequisite.