Do You Know What Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractors, often called Doctors of Chiropractic, have had a tremendous amount of publicity over the last decade or so. Chiropractic has been hailed as a new approach to treating ailments and is now one of the fastest growing specialties in the US. The first chiropractor that I remember as a patient was my mother. She had seen my pediatrician, who referred her to an orthopedist, who started her on an adjustment schedule that consisted of spinal manipulation. It was only after my mother left the office that she was told that this was not the proper approach for her problem, that she should seek the advice of a chiropractor.I strongly suggest you to visit Port Orange Chiropractor to learn more about this.

There are a multitude of problems that chiropractors can treat with their technique. Adjusting the spine is one of them. When a chiropractor manipulates the spine, they use their hands to target specific areas on the spine and gently pull on the spine to realign it. This realignment will allow natural pressure to be released from the joints and tissues of the body, which in turn will relieve any pressure that is in place due to arthritis, joint stiffness, cysts, and even menstrual pain. Some chiropractors may also refer to these conditions as a subluxation, which is a fancy way of saying that the problem area is out of balance.

Although there are many critics of chiropractors, they actually have some scientific studies to back up their treatments. In one study, entitled “Spinal Manipulation for Chronic Pain,” a sample of 150 patients who visited three chiropractors for adjustment were found to have a statistically significant reduction in their level of pain from their prior visit. Other studies have supported these results, with one study proving that chiropractic care helps reduce work load among office employees. This type of care can benefit everyone, as long as it is done properly and regularly.


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