Concrete Raising And Mudjacking: An Innovative Technique

Concrete raising is a process that attempts to rectify an unsound concrete surface by changing the underlying foundation on which the structure sits. In simple terms, this is done by “raising” the structure up a level by adding new concrete, sand, or other materials to the area of low-lying concrete. While the process does take time and money to complete, it is much less costly than actually replacing the deteriorated concrete and saves the cost of removing and replacing damaged portions of concrete, which can be both costly and time consuming. Ultimately, this type of repair makes more sense than replacing older and less safe structures, as newer, sturdier structures are often made from concrete that is far more durable and resilient. Learn more about Concrete Hero – Concrete Raising.

One such method for repairing unsound concrete is via concrete mudjacking. Concrete mudjacking is also commonly referred to as “shaking out” or “settling in” a concrete slab. The basic methodology of concrete mudjacking involves pouring a high-quality, viscous concrete slurry into voids located within cracks and crevices in older concrete slabs. Once the slurry has adequately soaked through the crevices and began to flow freely, it is removed and the area is left to dry. When the slurry has dried completely, a clean, smooth surface is left with the previously hidden defects exposed.

For many years, concrete mudjacking was the only recourse available for repairing damaged and unsound concrete slabs. Over the past several decades, advancements in materials and technologies have made it possible to create a far superior concrete mudjacking product, which is capable of penetrating even the deepest nooks and crannies of older slabs and gaps. This product is far superior to the older methods because it provides an even thickness throughout the slab and fills in large voids, while simultaneously providing a highly textured, multicolored surface that is nearly impossible to stain. Best of all, this revolutionary product does not require the costly replacement of damaged sections of concrete slabs. In fact, there is virtually no maintenance required on the part of the property owner when using this product to repair or remodel any concrete structure.