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Police investigating teams conduct a thorough investigation of the scene, bagging and marking all evidence, before crime scene cleanup teams are even able to begin their work. However, skilled technicians are careful to search for and conserve any possible evidence when providing their scene remediation services particularly anything that could be of use to the forensics teams.You can get additional information at Tampa Crime Scene Cleanup.

The thief, for instance, fled to his car after an effective convenience store robbery and drove away as the wounded clerk, losing blood, alerted the police. In minutes, emergency response teams arrived at the store and immediately called an ambulance to take the clerk for medical assistance. The wounded shop clerk was able to provide a thorough account to police detectives and the police were also able to study surveillance videotape.

A specialist clean-up firm called in by the police started to clean up the mess left by the robbery after a detailed review of the crime scene by the CSI squad. One of the technicians found a tiny speck of blood that the police had overlooked because it was too small while they were cleaning the area by the counter. When he drew his pistol, the robber had evidently scratched himself on a metal appendage attached to the counter.

Police investigators have been briefed about the finding. It was demonstrated to the police by one of the cleanup technicians. Since suicide scene, meth lab, odour removal and other death scene cleanups as well as blood and trauma scene cleanups are often done by this company, they have experience working with police and substance identification.

The police ran the blood for DNA analysis and compared it to samples at the county jail that they had in storage. A former defendant whose image matched the picture in the video footage of the convenience store was named. At the courthouse, an address was identified for the man and the suspect was arrested and convicted.

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