Choosing an Attorney for Your DUI Case

How much is a DUI Attorney’s hourly rate? For a first time DUI, a typical DUI Attorney will usually charge in the range of $1,200 to $4,000. DUI lawyers are not like other personal injury lawyers who take a case based on an agreement between the parties.Do you want to learn more? Visit Summit Defense – Oakland DUI Attorney.

DUI lawyers are criminal defense lawyers who charge for the above mentioned fees no matter what the result. A DUI lawyer’s hourly rate is based on several factors. The DUI Lawyer must assess the case and determine if he can win it or not. The DUI Lawyer will also analyze the case and determines if the case merits a conviction, acquittal or a plea bargain.

The criminal defense lawyer will use his experience and skills to help you through the DUI proceedings. This involves gathering all of the necessary evidence, interviewing your witness and making a report of the facts of your case. After this initial investigation, the criminal lawyer will file a motion with the court requesting a new trial. If the motion is denied by the court, the case will go back to the jury which will again render a verdict.

The case will come to the point where the jury will make its verdict and either find you guilty or free of guilt. At that point the DUI Attorney will make another motion with the court to have the case retried with the same attorney.

In a retrial, the DUI Attorney will try to have the case thrown out due to the failure of the jury to follow the proper procedures and find you innocent. This can be done when the jury finds your defense not credible and unreliable, such as withholding crucial evidence or allowing witnesses to testify that are uncooperative. Retrying the case will require that the defendant hire an experienced and credible criminal lawyer. The defendant can also appeal the jury’s verdict to the courts of law.

The criminal lawyer will present all of the facts of your case to the court and will ask for whatever changes the court needs. to have the case heard. He will present the case to the judge for an appeal hearing.

If your DUI case was not convicted by the judge, then you will need the services of an attorney. To have your case heard, you will need a legal representative who is well versed in the law and the law in general.

The criminal defense lawyer will represent you and will work for the maximum amount of time that is required for you to receive justice. The lawyer will be prepared for any defense attorney fees, expenses and appeals that may occur in order to get you the highest possible outcome. The lawyer is aware of all laws and regulations governing your rights and responsibilities as a convicted drunk driver. The DUI Attorney is not in the business of making your life miserable.

You must choose the right lawyer for your case, because he or she is responsible for your future and must also work hard for your success. You must choose the lawyer wisely by evaluating your situation and circumstances.