Structured Water Filter Benefits Everyone

A Structured Water Filter is a high performance filter designed to meet the needs of any residential or commercial establishment. A Structured Water Filter is comprised of two major components: the water filter housing and the ultra violet (UV) absorbing membrane. The housing is made of high quality galvanized or stainless steel. It has been specifically designed for easy installation and maintenance and to guarantee purified, ionized, color-matched, and clean water. The main purpose of a Structured Water Filter is to eliminate all contaminants from the incoming water supply for safe consumption. For more details click Greenfield Water Solutions.

A Structured Water Filter consists of a vortex tube to collect microorganisms and a UV light source to kill microorganisms. The UV light activates the oxygen molecules in the filter membranes, which then emit UV light which kills all the unwanted microorganisms in the filtered drinking water. A typical structured water filter comprises of a prefiltered or uninstalled interior chamber containing individual bubbles that pass through fine mesh screens. The UV light activates the bubbles thereby sterilizing the interior chamber. The final product is a purified, ionized, color-matched, and clean drinking water.

A Structured Water Filter benefits every home owner in various ways including drinking water, bathing water, and laundry water. Since it is made up of multiple layers of quality-made components, a structured filtration system guarantees complete purification. It also does not waste any water. As such, a Structured Water Filter benefits everyone in the family from drinking water to bathing water to laundry water.