All about regular maintenance for an air conditioner

Your air conditioning system will last long and be effective, with frequent maintenance saving you loads of money. Spring time is the perfect time to look for repairs and do maintenance since this is the least time you ‘re using the A / C. You won’t suffer in sweltering heat during the summer by doing this. Do you want to learn more? Visit

Using Freon, a coolant, the A / C cools down hot air. A low level of Freon means that the coolant leaks from the A / C. Otherwise, it would mean that the air conditioner is failing and will need a grave soon. Freon loss results from loose screws and holes within the A / C machine. Otherwise, it won’t need to be refilled until the coolant has been loaded for as long as the A / C is working.

So, if you find yourself freezing to death or in a puddle of your own sweat, you need to contact a professional in the near future.

Loose nuts and bolts are another thing that can cause quite some trouble. Owing to vibration and electrical short-circuits it can also cause unnecessary noise. We don’t want to waste needless money on a few nuts and bolts right now, do we? Squeeze them out now and then.

Vacuum clean with gentle suction filters. Wipe is with wet cloth if it is too sticky and wipe it dry with a dry cloth. If your laziness gets better from you and you try to hose it down with water, you could just end up with a burnt A / C or a whole house under ashes due to a huge short circuit fire. That does not make you feel lazy then.

A / C is to stay calm. Keep that in mind and keep the thermostat in cooling mode. Turn the A / C off if you want it to hot.

Are you dripping water from A / C? The condenser gives indications that it is going. Learn to interpret signals! The condenser should condense the water and then recirculate it. If it’s in trouble it should just stop doing that. Contact an ASAP Technician.