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In some state, there is no requirement for a patient to have a medical marijuana card. Thus, if you suffer from a serious medical condition or are in need of treatment for your pain or other symptoms that include chronic nausea or cancer, the best way to legally obtain a medicinal marijuana card is by going to a licensed marijuana facility. A patient identification or driver’s license from anywhere else will get you no access to any of the state-authorized marijuana dispensaries. While it is illegal to sell or provide marijuana to anyone under the age of eighteen, landlords and employers can choose whether or not to allow their employees to use medical marijuana on their private property.If you’re looking for more tips, dispensary near me has it for you.

Since the government does not recognize marijuana as medicine, any such licenses that are awarded to recreational marijuana dispensaries are essentially free money for the providers of this illegal drug. To qualify for a medical marijuana card, you must first undergo a background check and then take and pass a qualifying exam administered by the state. Some states also require prospective applicants to undergo a waiting period before they are allowed to receive a card; these laws vary, so it is best to contact your state’s regulatory agency for more information.
According to the Illinois State Financial Planning Board, the only lawful, state-regulated recreational marijuana dispensary is located in the town of Chicago. Only three of the fifty state-regulated dispensers are located in Illinois, according to the Cook County State Health Department. The City of Chicago has the most number of legal marijuana Dispensaries, at fourteen. If you live in Illinois, but want to try the medicine for the rest of your life, it is recommended that you join a medical marijuana program.


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