A Spotlight Of Features In The Marine Rescue

When a person’s new to a place and he is trying to find his way around, he would usually reach out to get a map from the glove compartment of his car. Today, instead of straining to get that map which may lead to an untoward incident, there are now devices like GPS or Global Positioning System to help someone locate an address. The device can even give oral instructions and suggest streets to take to avoid heavy traffic and therefore help the driver get to his destination fast and easy.Do you want to learn more? read the article

At sea, GPS is also used to navigate safely and accurately. Electronic marine charts integrated with GPS are now used in almost every vessel, whether big or small. A watercraft almost has no business being there on the water without it.

A marine chart is a graphic representation of a maritime area and the coastal regions around it. It may show depths of water, seabed features, coastline details, locations of navigational aids, and even bridges and marinas. This is a very vital tool for sea navigation and is even required by some countries to have it on board a vessel

Some marine chart models use cutting edge technology that allows zooming in and out of a specific area with virtually no lag time. Magnifying an image means getting more details about that area with the press of a button. A whole new dimension is brought into the presentation with 3D rendering of the area being viewed. The user may also choose a 2D top-down view of the chart and may pan it to any angle at any range scale. This, of course, is something that cannot be done with traditional maps.

With some units, the person operating the device may even choose between using preloaded computer-generated or scanned paper charts. If fishing is your sport, you can also have your unit loaded with an electronic map that shows a variety of fishing hotspots.

There are simply many ways that you can make use of today’s marine charts. Whether you’re out to fish, go on a family or romantic cruise or have an adventure trip, remember to take a marine chart with you and sail with ease and safety.