A Spotlight about No Limits Fitness

Through liberating ourselves from all the social and cultural dramas that we are hooked to, infinite consciousness is available to all. It is our small ego that wants to hold on to the altar of the illusion of power and to worship. All of us are addicted to the arrogant illusion that we can control our lives, while our lives control us unless we have unlimited consciousness. No Limits Fitness has some nice tips on this. We are afraid of the imagination involved in the turmoil of infinite consciousness. We sprint from unlimited liberty towards social and cultural limits instead of embracing the imaginative turmoil of limitless consciousness.

We should provide ourselves with an internal, special, authentic, unlimited (i.e. Utopian) society and culture with limitless consciousness to replace the finite external society and culture. We all only practise having a social and cultural contract with others before we acquire sufficient knowledge of partial restricted consciousness (i.e. fitting to belong, etc to avoid mastering having an unlimited contract of consciousness with ourselves. The evolutionary trend is towards infinite knowledge and the expansion of the quantity and consistency of our fitness and wellbeing. In our consciousness now we can all risk being infinite. It just requires to be courageous.

For example, instead of just a certain number of hours of sleep, we need whatever amount/quality of sleep that will de-condition us so that our consciousness will start to become free of social and cultural constraints. Our instinct and intuition will be sufficiently enhanced to lead us further on, into infinite consciousness, until we begin to be free from social and cultural constraints. We would then be able to listen to our own individual instincts and intuition as to what food is best for us. My instinct and experience, for instance, tells me that when I eat meat, the meat eats me back! We would then exercise, etc., since we are motivated by our instincts and intuition to be infinite instead of being motivated by restricted objectives i.e. income, fame, strength, etc.