A Short Glossary Of Digital Marketing Terminology

Description: Digital marketing is an aspect of online marketing which uses modern digital technologies like desktop computers, handheld electronic devices and other digital mediums and networks to advertise various products and services. It is a part of search engine marketing. Five Channels SEO and Marketing has some nice tips on this. It is also known as E-marketing and is mostly used for direct response and internet marketing. It involves the creation of brand awareness, in which it is used to create awareness, response and loyalty towards a particular brand or service through different means.

Definition: Digital Marketing is a form of online marketing which includes e.g consumer reviews, viral, pay per click advertising, display advertising, video advertising, web banners, etc. This form of advertising is also termed as digital promotion, digital communications, internet marketing, and online advertising. It involves the use of digital channels for the purpose of promoting services and products. In this way it makes the clients to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. These digital channels are: Digital Marketing Channels e.g. Digital Marketing through Video, E-marketing, E-mail, Digital signage, Social Media, Mobile Application Development, Public Relations, PR, Digital Photography, Radio Frequency Identification tags, Satellite imaging, etc

Definition: Online buyer is the person who visits your site through an inbound marketing channel to purchase a product or service. The inbound marketing channels include e.g. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click (PPC), Viral Marketing, Customer Reviews, Social media, Email Marketing, Pay-per-view, etc. Digital Marketing enables you to gain maximum advantage from all these channels by having a well-planned and executed content marketing campaign which enables you to get maximum benefit of all the digital channels and helps to build brand name awareness, credibility, and loyalty amongst the prospective customers. It is also instrumental in building a strong relationship with the potential customer, which is essential in maintaining a long term relationship.

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