A Brief History of The Art and Benefits of Masonry Construction

One of the oldest building methods known to man is masonry construction. Masonry can be traced back to the Neolithic Revolution. The “art of masonry” started with Euclid in Egypt, according to the oldest recorded Masonic document, Masonry would become the preferred mode of construction for society from this point forward. Though wood-based construction gradually surpassed stonemasonry in popularity, the craft is still commonly used in both commercial and residential structures. Masonry has a wide range of uses, from erecting brick walls and stone patios to building bathroom tile and concrete blocks.Visit masonry Chicago for more details.

Masonry has long been known as a noble profession. A stonemason’s guild was established during the Middle Ages, and a seven-year apprenticeship programme became the norm for entry into the profession. Modern masons are usually expected to have completed at least four years of apprenticeship.

Masonry work has many functional advantages in addition to its natural beauty. As compared to other building materials, brick and stone are well-known for being excellent insulators and can help minimise energy bills. As compared to wood, masonry outperforms it in terms of fire and termite resistance. Masonry, or the use of bricks, stone, and mortar to build larger structures, is an environmentally friendly option for your building project.

Masons today build, maintain, and repair buildings and surfaces made of concrete, brick, stone, blocks, and other similar materials. Masons collaborate with other tradespeople to organise and execute tasks. Although masonry can appear to be an easy operation, the reality is that it takes a lot of practise to create an attractive structure with long-term strength and durability. As a result, a master mason is much more professional than a typical bricklayer. You should look for an experienced mason with proven experience and expertise in the masonry trade whether you are planning new construction, remodelling, or repairs.

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