Why Use Physiotherapy To Treat Back Pain

Physiotherapy dates back to ancient times, but this allied medical care began in the 1920s with modern practice. It is used to deal with problems such as recurring pain, musculoskeletal disorders, and disorders of movement. A physiotherapist or a physical therapist is considered to be a health care provider who is qualified in this area of activity. Check Chiropractic near me.

Today, the services of physiotherapists are commonly pursued by a significant number of individuals suffering from a wide range of ills. Of which, back ache is the most common. It used to be that when a person has a backache, he goes to a doctor directly. He currently has another choice, and that is to get a physical therapist’s support.

Depending on the particular affected region, backaches come in various types. The causes range from injuries related to car accidents, certain illnesses or an unhealthy lifestyle to those arising from injuries. It may be in the form of pain in the lumbar back or pain in the thoracic back.

There are several causes for thoracic pain, usually referred to as upper back pain or middle back pain, such as degenerative disc diseases. It can also occur because of a spinal condition. Often, excessive repetitive motion or joint stiffness in the upper body can lead to pain in the upper back. As the upper back is much more stable compared to the lower back, pains in the upper back are less frequent compared to pains in the lower back.

A very common occurrence with a number of causes is lumbar back pain or lower back pain. It may be due to a torn ligament, a slipped disk or herniated disc, muscle spasm, or simply bad posture. Even the act of incorrectly lifting a heavy box can result in lower back pain.

Back pain can be acute and mild, where a person merely experiences a twinge of pain or some tenderness, or it can be chronic and debilitating. It is safer for people who are plagued with chronic back pain to start treatment with a licensed physiotherapist. The relief would be longer enduring when the root cause is targeted and not just the symptoms are dealt with. For others, with the latter having a greater risk factor, it is a choice between physiotherapy and surgery.