What You Need To Know About California Center for Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is an NRI type of drug usually used for inducing and maintaining ketamine anesthesia. It produces a trance-type state giving extensive pain relief, sedation, amnesia, and respiratory control. The drug induces no significant side effects, but it has been known to cause urinary retention, increased bleeding from ulcers, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and even coma in extremely rare cases. Also, there have been very rare cases of mental and behavioral disorders related to the use of Ketamine. Browse this site listing about California Center for Ketamine Therapy-Los Angeles Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine overdose can result in severe physical and psychological problems ranging from confusion, drowsiness, hallucinations, to respiratory failure and coma. Ketamine overdose also leads to severe skin irritation and severe skin rash. This substance abuse can affect anyone irrespective of age, sex, cultural background, or social status. The most at risk time for this abuse is during the evening hours when people are likely to be taking a break from their daily activities and have some spare time. It has been reported that a large number of people who abused this popular antidepressant are people who are undergoing prolonged or recurring treatments for cancer or chemotherapy.

If you suspect that a patient suffering from this condition is in need of ketamine therapy, it is important to take immediate action and seek professional help. Although ketamine therapy has minimal side effects, it is still an emergency when used without professional consultation. Make sure your doctor knows all the details of your medical history so he can monitor your condition and recommend any necessary treatment.
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