What to Look For When Buying a Digital Upright Piano

Without sacrificing quality, feel, and elegance, you can save cash on a piano by getting a digital upright piano. These pianos come with exquisite wood grain or ebony finishes in constructed-in cabinets. They are appealing alternatives to purchasing an acoustic upright piano, and usually cheaper. Hilton Piano Center LLC┬áhas some nice tips on this. And they normally have three foot pedals that are also connected to the cabinet stand, as they sit in a built-in cabinet. So you don’t have to think, as with portable digital stage pianos, about a foot pedal slipping on the floor during play.

Before you buy a digital upright piano, you need to make sure it has those features. So, what are these characteristics?

Keyboard Action Practical

The keyboard action of an acoustic upright piano should be faithfully recreated by any digital upright piano you buy. So this implies that you can search for digital pianos with weighted keys automatically. Don’t just stop there, however. Make sure there is Weighted Graded Hammer Action for the digital upright piano you receive.

To mimic the sound of an acoustic piano keyboard, hammer action keyboards use a hammer simulating mechanism. To replicate the sensation, some even have actual hammers. A hammer mechanism is pressed on an acoustic piano when you touch a key. The hammer swings against the strings. The hammer’s weight, as well as the energy from bouncing off the string, creates the “touch.” acoustic piano. This is what you want to replicate your upright digital piano. And the only way to do that is to get action from a weighted hammer.

But you still want the impact of “graded” too. This feature makes it feel a little heavier to click the lower notes and a little easier to press the upper notes. The sensation of a grand piano is simulated.

So if you add all these phrases together, you get “Weighted Graded Hammer Action.” Be sure to try them out yourself after narrowing down your quest for those digital pianos with this feature. Keyboard behavior can be very subjective, so while reading feedback from other individuals is pleasant, you ultimately need to trust your own judgment.