Understanding about Children Start Music Lesson

Parents very often want to know what age their child can start music lessons at, so here are some thoughts about it to help parents make a good decision about it. Have a look here. Certainly, a child is likely to begin learning their alphabet at the age of five and the musical alphabet is much simpler because it only goes to the letter However, when you are talking about learning music skills, there are many more considerations. One fundamental consideration is how long will your child be able to sit still for? The other very significant consideration is what tool the child is going to start with. For any child as young as five, starting with the piano is a good choice. The piano has a technique that is much less involved than many other instruments and all the keys are laid out in plain sight, so it is a very good tool to get a good visual of where the notes are and which way ‘up’ is and which way ‘down’ is.

For this reason, the piano is a good instrument for starting music lessons and then, after a year or so, perhaps switching to another instrument of choice. The piano enables the basics of music that can then be carried over to another instrument to be relatively easy to learn. For a very young person to learn an instrument like the violin, they would have to learn the basics of music as well as learn the violin’s rather complex technique, for example.Many people have the idea that the sooner they start a child, the better, but if the child is unable to get an instrument’s technique properly, they will only develop a lot of wrong habits that will be difficult to correct later on, if that is even possible. Children at very young ages also simply do not have the physical strength to get the technique right on many instruments; the violin needs a great deal of strength from the left arm, and in the beginning, even for an adult, the hand must bend up and over the fingerboard in a manner that feels quite difficult and awkward. Brass instruments like trumpets or horns are certainly not intended for children below a certain age.