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Bridges and crowns work together to help patients restore function and beauty to their mouths. Bridges are removable prosthetic crowns that can be used on either one or both sides of the open gap. Bridges and crowns will change the look of teeth so that patients can regain self-confidence and improve their appearance. Bridges help people restore function in their smile and improve their facial appearance.I strongly suggest you to visit Tuckahoe dentist to learn more about this.

Crowns are solid ceramic, porcelain, resin or porcelain-sealed restorations which slip over damaged or broken teeth. The bridge restorations are usually used to conceal defects, repair extensive damage, or strengthen weak tooth teeth. Crowns are generally used as an alternative to tooth extraction when tooth decay, illness, trauma or an accident requires immediate restoration of a tooth or teeth. Crowns and bridges are similar in function but bridges tend to be preferred over crowns by some patients because it leaves more of the tooth intact when the crown is removed during a tooth extraction. Crowns leave less of the tooth intact and tend to cause more pain when the crown is removed during a tooth cleaning or maintenance procedure.

When a tooth becomes chipped, cracked, breaks or has a large cavity there is often a need for a restoration procedure to fix the problem. When a tooth is cracked or damaged because of an accident or disease, there is a good chance that a replacement tooth will be required. It is possible to use crowns and bridges to replace a missing or cracked tooth. Many people choose to replace one tooth with a crown to correct the issue with another tooth. Bridges and crowns can even be used when a tooth needs to be removed because it will restore the appearance of the tooth that has been removed.


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