The Most Overlooked Fact About Business Lunch Meeting

As always in company, when you have to meet a customer for a business lunch, it’s really important to do some research. You need to know about the culture of the individuals you are going to encounter. At lunch, do they drink? What about the code of dress? Are they a bunch of shirts and tie, or just a crowd of jeans and polo types? Visit business lunch meeting for more details.

It’s always about dressing up a notch, but when wearing t-shirts & shorts, you don’t want to be in a tux. Nor do you want to be in the opposite place. Back to study, you will have to do some reconciliation now that you know the culture of the folks your meeting. You’ll need to obey certain general rules if you have to pick the venue for the meeting:

Nothing too noisy.

A general food blend that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If they need to serve alcohol, your cultural “background check” can tell you.

Usually, a good option is right near their office. If you’ve never been there before, make sure you have time to check it out in advance.
So, have you selected a perfect spot for your whale meeting? Terrific! Fantastic! Are you sure to schedule the time for at least 30 minutes after the location opens up? To get in early and get yourself situated, you’ll need a few minutes, of course.

Arrive early for 15-20 minutes. As is often performed by a specialist.
Speak to the host and let them know who (by name) you are and who will follow you (by name). You called in advance to make sure there would be sufficient (good) seating available, right?

If you have just one person to greet, you can wait at the reception. It is permissible to be seated when meeting several individuals until at least one other individual has arrived. Ensure that the host knows who to expect and that they can guide them properly and that you are relaxed.

If you don’t know the person you are meeting face to face, it’s polite to ask the host when they arrive to guide them to the table. In this case, you can sit on your own. You will, of course, order nothing but a drink before they arrive.

After the arrival of your guests, everybody is seated, has drinks, etc. Ordering food that will help you sustain the conversation is crucial. (The conversation is still controlled by a professional, even if they are not talking). But a heavy meal is certainly not a good idea, nor is it a good option to choose anything that is going to make a mess. There is nothing more annoying than a host whose pocket is coated with a tomato stain. You want to make them pay attention to what you say, don’t you?