The Difficulties Physicians Face When Dealing With Medical Marijuana

While the debate continues on whether or not medical cannabis should be legalized, many doctors are starting to take an honest look at the possibility of treating patients with this natural remedy. With doctors and patients both clamoring for this new solution, it has become necessary to show them the way and outline a path towards acceptance. Many in the medical profession have been forced to adopt this position due to the tough restrictions that prevent doctors from providing medical cannabis to patients.
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In theory, doctors can recommend medical cannabis but cannot actually prescribe it. This is because federal law restricts doctors from participating in the sale or distribution of medical cannabis, even if they are registered with a state-authorized organization. Since states tend to enact their own laws regarding medical cannabis, it is up to the patients to find a state-approved organization to purchase it legally from. Although some states, like Colorado, allow patients to use medical cannabis medically approved through a physician, others have made it legal to buy it over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. Unfortunately, this means patients can simply walk into a pharmacy like any other consumer and purchase whatever they wish, without any interference from a doctor or anyone else.
In order to obtain a valid recommendation for medical cannabis, it is important for the patient to understand all of the alternatives they have to smoking or consuming it through other means. Since the two main forms of medical cannabis are smoked and ingested, it is imperative that patients learn about which option they feel most comfortable with using. For those who are uncomfortable with the idea of ingesting a substance through their mouths, there are oral forms of medical cannabis, such as bud, which can be placed under the tongue for immediate effects. For those who are more comfortable with the idea of smoking, alternative methods include vaporizing or burning the dried leaves.