Taking Care of Your Soul Mate: Useful Piano Care Tips

Your soul mate is your piano. You two are hopelessly entwined once you start playing it, loving a world of your own, mindless of what is going on in your world. Therefore, it is completely necessary that you take good care of your piano. Yamaha Piano near me has some nice tips on this.

Not only does taking care of your piano require getting it tuned up every two to five years. The daily maintenance by the owner himself will also be appreciated. What good would a piano do if it were left in one corner of the house, untouched for a while? None at all, and it would only accumulate dust and rust.

Playing it sometimes is one of the easiest ways to retain its good condition. Much like a human being, so as not to expire prematurely, this piece of entertainment equipment requires exercise. You are not only practicing to become a better pianist by daily practice, you can also play and check whether your piano is still in perfect tuning.

Letting your fingers slide over smooth and polished ivory keyboards feels fantastic. However, it can’t be avoided to have little sticky hands banging on the keys from time to time, particularly when you have small children at home, unless you have a strict off-limits rule on your piano. So, try rubbing a lemon or lemon-salt paste over the keys to keep your keyboard clean, shiny and non-sticky, and then scrub with a clean, wet cloth and then polish with a dry cloth.

Check out some of the things you have to do to sweep your piano and take care of it:


Cleaning the keys with a light soap solution, preferably that of the Ivory brand, is recommended.


Some pianos should be handled with the utmost care, especially those with a high-gloss finish. To clean the cabinet, use a new soft cloth. Do not use an old towel turned into rags, as the finish can be scratched by the rough cloth. And even dust will leave the tiny particles permanently grazing over the glossy cover. Wipe a damp rag over a small portion to disinfect, then wipe the area immediately with a dry cloth. For more than a minute, the wet part must not be left wet. Repeat the procedure until you clean the whole cabinet.