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Looking for a daycare facility?

Here are some ideas on how to find a perfect one!

1. Do you want a classroom setting with lots of other kids, or a more home-like setting with less kids? Do you want to know what you want? Are you interested in a daycare near your home or closer to your work? Are you looking for a programme for preschoolers? With a normal routine or a more relaxed day will your child do better? Before you start, write down a list of what you are searching for, so you can narrow down your options and save time.Learn more by visiting  The Kindle School -Daycare

2. Word of Mouth – Asking around is the fastest way of finding a great daycare. Ask your friends, ask at work, ask at the fitness centre! If someone says they have a good daycare, take out your priority list to see if your child would be a good match for that daycare. Get as many alternatives as you can, because you’ve got more to choose from.

3. Contact the local referral service for daycare – Most cities provide at least one referral service to help match kids to daycare openings accessible. Such referral services are typically free, and while they do not give opinions about which daycare is the best, it is still a good way to find out what openings are available for daycare near your home or employment.

4. Check online- There are websites for certain daycares that will give you a clear idea of what they’re all about. Check only for “daycare, your city, your state” Although not all daycares (especially home daycares) have websites, you can get lucky and find the perfect daycare near you. The best thing about a well thought out website for daycare is that it will save you time in the process of interviewing you.

5. Phone calls- After the list of providers has been narrowed down to 5-10, call each provider to make sure they have openings. Press a few fundamental issues, such as fees and operating hours. Listen to a polite and competent supplier. Set up an appointment to interview the suppliers that you believe would fulfil your needs.

6. Interview, Interview, Interview – While this phase is the longest, it is also the most important. You still want to go to a daycare that is clean, healthy, and child-friendly regardless of what your list of goals is. If possible, I suggest meeting with the provider after daycare hours and taking your child with you. When she is not trying to care for other children at the same time, the provider will be able to give you her full attention, and the response of your child to the daycare setting and the provider is very significant. The provider(s) around your child should be polite, relaxed, and make you feel comfortable, too. Be sure to ask during the interview what their disciplinary policy is what their daily routine is like, their teacher/child ratio, and any other items on your list of priorities.

7. To suit your needs, choose the right daycare! Only start the process over and look at more choices if you are disappointed with all of the daycares you have interviewed. You may want to ask the providers if you can come and visit during the day and just watch for a little while if you have found more than one daycare that you love and just can’t decide.