Smart Kitchen Appliances – The Future of Cooking

The Star Trek food replicators that produce in seconds piping hot, perfectly cooked food or the thinking, talking kitchen appliances of the family home of The Jetsons might sound like science fiction, but the reality is that the concept behind these “smart appliances is not so far fetched. Get the facts about you can try this out.
In reality, manufacturers of home appliances such as GE, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool are now collaborating with technology giants such as Cisco, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems to introduce innovative kitchen appliances to the homes of today. These smart devices are capable of keeping notes, creating recipe ideas, measuring cooking times and heating food at warp speed. Oh – and while you wait, some of these kitchen appliances can even play movies.
Since studies indicate that consumers are not yet ready to fork over the big bucks needed to carry these smart appliances into their homes, many of the prototypes under production will never see the outside of the lab. So for now, the average user would not have access to an oven that starts cooking with a telephone call or kitchen appliances that are networked to a laptop computer.
But don’t worry about tech-savvy gourmets, there are several kitchen appliances on the market that feature high-tech devices that can make your time comfortable and enjoyable in the kitchen.
In collaboration with a grocery chain in Europe, Samsung produces a barcode-reading microwave that automatically estimates and sets the correct cooking time when the frozen item is scanned.
A wireless-enabled refrigerator with a removable LCD (liquid crystal display screen) has also been developed, which can be used to leave voice messages, post notes, manage a family calendar and even play TV shows or DVDs.
Tired of washing your dishes after going through the dishwasher? Those days are over now that the new dishwashers have built-in sensors that can estimate how dirty the dishes are, choose the correct softness of water and cycles for the kinds of dishes (plastic or china), and dispense the right amount of waste reduction detergent.