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Like the name suggests, this methodology of testing the integrity and quality of a product of industrial use is called non destructive testing (NDT). NDT does not cause any form of damage to the product that is being tested. There is no physical removal or displacement of elements of the test product and hence the test is preferred for critical instruments and equipments to test for deformities and irregularities. This method is mostly used in industries than in medical practices. Although, certain form of this method is also used for medical purposes, most often NDT is limited to industrial processes. If you’re looking for more tips, contact Salem Design & Manufacturing has it for you.

NDT uses techniques or rather mediums for testing in the form of ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopy. In fact, its use in the medical diagnostics stopped back in mid 20th century, medical X-ray professionals were known to use NDT in the past. Following are listed in brief the uses of NDT:

– It is used to measure the integrity of the product. Certain industrial processes cannot afford to have the minutest fault in the most unnoticeable places of for instance, steel pipes. This is where the role of NDT is found to be of great significance as the test of probable damage or deformity can be carried out without having to stop any processes or physically changing the original form of the test product.

– NDT checks for the reliability of a particular machinery or industrial equipment or a part of it.

– The non destructive testing is carried out in order to keep a constant check on running processes and avoid any slightest compromise on the quality.

– NDT is carried out to avoid any forthcoming failure of equipments. Most of these industrial products are extremely expensive and thus regular non destructive testing ensures no long term or short term repairs go unnoticed.

– In many ways the NDT tends to prevent accidents and hence save precious human life.

– Any slightest change or repair is solved by constant NDT tests. This result in no prolonged serious damages that may cost a fortune to the company to get the product in concern repaired or replaced. Thus NDT brings in profit to the one who invests in this non destructive testing.

– NDT helps you achieve customer satisfaction and hence makes your business reliable enough to gain new business.

– A better product design is obtained using regular testing methods of this caliber.

– Uniformity is established in the delivery of quality products of high standards.

– Detecting damages or avoiding damages by regular testing helps in maintaining your industrial systems and operations well, thus lowering manufacturing costs.