What Is A Mommy Makeover?

You’ve also seen a lot of tv “mommy makeovers” involving some frumpy lady with workout pants and terrible hair who was a former beauty queen until she had children and lost the desire to live. The talk show squad gets a hold of her, brushes the crust out of her eyes, takes her shopping at Nordstrom and does some magic on her mop with a celebrity hairstylist. As a surprising revelation, the main revelation reveals her true beauty (c’mon this is TV, they don’t choose very ugly people) and everybody cries. Browse this site listing about Houston Mommy Makeover
This is what I want to term a makeover with a lower-case mommy. It is enjoyable. It’s adorable. Except the mom’s still going to be back in her jeans before carpooling tomorrow. When I and other plastic surgeons speak about a Mommy Makeover, we’re talking about an upper-case, life-changing, completely satisfying experience that uses different treatments to offer a woman her body back after raising children, from breast augmentation to liposuction to a breast raise to a tummy tuck or some variation thereof.
Via diet and exercise, will I get my pre-pregnancy form back?
Everybody and any body is special, so I don’t know if the effects you want would be achieved from your diet and exercise efforts. But you definitely should try! As a plastic surgeon in the San Francisco Bay Area, I encourage my patients to wait at least 6 months before undergoing any type of plastic surgery, and preferably longer after having a baby. Give your body a chance to respond to tactics that are less invasive. Even if you do decide to go ahead with a Mommy Makeover, due to your fitness level, your surgical results and recovery will be even better.
All the factors that cause the skin to stretch and sag are lactation, breastfeeding and a pregnant stomach. Many of these questions will be resolved with a Mommy Makeover. By a breast raise, sagging breasts may be taken up to their perfect position on the face, and the quantity missed after the baby can be substituted by breast implants. Simple liposuction will do the trick if your stomach has any fatty areas but has maintained tight skin. But if your muscles during breastfeeding have been greatly split or you have so much loose skin, you may need a tummy tuck to strengthen the muscles of your rectus abdominis (six pack muscles). The muscles of the right and left rectus abdominis are sutured together during your tummy tuck procedure, resulting in bringing the muscles back into their original locations.
After a Mommy Makeover, what is healing like?
You will require regular support and treatment for the first 2-3 days to ensure sure that you keep hydrated, stay on top of the pain control regimen, and help get in and out of bed, etc. At a post-op treatment center, a reasonable choice is to book a bed. During your rehab, certain kinds of hospitals provide the experience to support you, which your well-meaning relatives and friends do not have.
You can spend the next 3-5 days with a caregiver in a hotel or at your house who will help with food, laundry, girls, girl talk, etc. Project a complete 10 -14 days to be home before going to an office workplace, longer with more physical employment.
Make sure to go food shopping, pick up at the store your pain killers, plan for assistance with the girls, buy plenty of good books, and rent a couple “chick flicks” before your operation so that when you get home, you are all set. A protein-rich diet can help you recover quicker.