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A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer specializing in the representation of those charged with criminal action. Criminal action can include any crimes, from minor to major offenses. Criminal charges are usually brought against an individual for an alleged violation of statute, state law, or a constitution clause. Criminal charges are generally brought against private citizens as well as government employees. In some instances, people are charged criminally after making an honest mistake (such as believing they were driving a car when they were not), committing a small act of drug dealing, or participating in a minor street crime. Browse this site listing about Stroleny Law, P.A.

Criminal defense attorneys deal exclusively with criminal cases, which require detailed legal arguments and an attorney who has been practicing law in the area for several years. Criminal defense attorneys represent their clients in criminal court proceedings, from the time the clients first contact their attorneys to the present. The majority of criminal defense lawyers to attend law school to further their education in this area of the law, and many attorneys even go on to specialize in a particular area of the law. Specialty areas of criminal defense law include: fraud, jail rape, conspiracy, robbery, sex crimes, pornography, auto thefts, and more.

Criminal defense lawyers face many of the same challenges that other clients face while in court. This can be especially true during motions hearing, where often the public defender is unable to continue effective communications with their clients due to lack of funds. People who cannot afford a private attorney can still request court-appointed counsel through the court’s public defenders system. Public defenders are funded through a system of public monies set forth in the state constitution.