Roofing Tips For the Winter Season

A lot of effort is involved in preparing for the changing seasons. That means packing the long johns away in spring, getting out the gardening equipment, putting extra hours in the gym to prepare for the swimming season, and tackling the notorious spring cleaning. We succumb to that soothing layer of’ holiday weight’ (what are bulky sweaters for?) when Fall rolls around, the long johns resurface, we silently weep over the lack of long, sunny days, and we moodily begin winter-proofing our cars and homes to fend off the snow-filled months to follow. Click

In the hullabaloo of new tires, snow pads, antifreeze rationing, and new wardrobes composed entirely of fleece, the state of our roofs is very easy to forget as winter approaches. But investing in a good roof plays a major role in securing everything under the roof we love: our kids, family heirlooms, pet sea monkeys, vintage albums of the Beatles, etc. If you’re trying to preserve grandma’s quilts or your favourite Fab Four vinyl, here are some items to bear in mind about roof maintenance.

Most roofs under the age of 5 should be in reasonably good condition, but these basic tasks will maintain a healthy roof enough for the approaching winter:

  • Keep the surface of the roof free of debris
  • Regularly vacuum out the gutters
  • Check for leakage, rot and rust
  • Trim overhanging shrubbery or tree branches
  • Substitute damaged shingles

While these preventive measures will guarantee you the most mileage from a decent roof, a roofing contractor is always the best bet if you are constructing a new home or need serious roof repair. A brand new roof installation may be needed for a roof that is over 15 years old and suffering from heavy leakage and other damage. While it may probably save money to tackle the job yourself, you could be exposed to additional costs down the road by a rookie error, and then you couldn’t afford those sleek, new ear-warmers that everybody rocks at work.