Reasons to Choose the Right Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Los Angeles

In his or her workplace, every person has the right to feel safe, secure, and appreciated. Employees are treated with the integrity and respect they deserve in many, or even most, office settings. Unfortunately, a number of individuals remain victims of sexual assault in the workplace, even with ample resources and educational materials available on the subject of sexual harassment and its legal and ethical risks. If you are looking for more tips, check out Workplace Sexual Harassment Lawyer Los Angeles.

Hopefully, by knowing just what various types of sexual assault entail, more individuals can become aware of the potential consequences of their acts (if they could be perceived as hostile or inappropriate). Moreover, it is hoped that people who are victims of sexual abuse will be encouraged to stand up for themselves and demand the dignity they deserve.

Sexual abuse from Quid pro Quo

Perhaps the most widely conceived form of sexual harassment is known as sexual harassment quid pro quo. “Quid pro quo in Latin means “something for something”. An person in a managerial role (e.g. a manager or supervisor) will either be sexually harassed with this type of sexual harassment

Give special benefits or job privileges to a lower-level employee in return for sexual favours

Threatening a lower-level employee with the loss or potential termination of benefits or job privileges if they do not participate in any kind of sexual activity

In cases of quid pro quo sexual assault, not only is the person guilty of harassment for the sexual advances, but the organisation and top-level managers can also be kept liable, as managers and supervisors are generally assumed to be working on behalf of their superiors.

Climate for Hostile Work

Another form of sexual assault that may occur in workplaces is known as sexual harassment in a hostile work atmosphere. When individuals create an atmosphere that makes one or more workers feel insecure or victimised in the workplace because of either subtle or overt sexual materials or behaviours, a hostile work environment is developed.

Examples of behaviour that may establish an atmosphere of hostile work can include

Non-desired physical contact
Flirting actions
Emails, jokes, or videos that are sexually explicit

In the workplace, this particular form of sexual harassment is particularly problematic because people sometimes do not think about how their co-workers can view their behaviour. What one individual may consider to be a reasonably harmless joke may be incredibly offensive to another individual. All employees should take into account the thoughts and views of their co-workers to deter crime in order to avoid creating a toxic work atmosphere.