Plumbing Defined


Plumbing is derived from the usage of lead in latin. This is because the pipes were made sometime back by using lead. It can be described as a skilled trade dealing with the operation of pipes, plumbing and tubing attachments for waste drainage and drinking water systems. It may also apply to fittings and pipes that are mounted on such structures as houses. The pipes can be used to deliver clean water or to eliminate waterborne waste.

A plumber is a knowledgeable person who manages plumbing matters. A plumber’s work includes piping networks for repair and installation, plumbing equipment, and fittings which include water heaters and geysers. Both in an undeveloped or developing economy, plumbing is quite a significant one. This is so because waste products and potable water need to be properly collected. There is a marked distinction in plumbing and water and sanitation systems. Plumbing systems are designed to serve one building while water and sewage systems, on the other hand, are designed to serve several buildings or even a town. Typically a plumbing system consists of a supply pipe which leads to a fixture as well as a drain pipe which removes the water from the fixture.view it now.

Old history shows that plumbing was rare during those days. It only got popular during the nineteenth century. A waste management system during those periods consisted of collecting waste and dumping it into the river and fields. In the 19th century the development and application of modern plumbing systems was realised.

This technology can also be traced back to ancient civilizations like the Roman, Indian , Chinese, Greek, and Persian civilisations. New innovations in the plumbing industry occurred during the early 19th century. Some of the latest technologies that have been introduced include surface drainage and water networks. That marked the end of waterways open to sewage.


Plumbing systems that are built in residential homes need to be routinely tested to ensure they are well maintained. Sure that you are given hygienic and safe drinking water is very necessary. In the case of gases, it is important to ensure that no leakage occurs, and thus no fire hazards.