New Retirement Living- A Cloer Look

Increasingly referred to as active adult communities, retirement communities used to focus around the clubhouse. Now it seems that that focal point is changing into a retail centre, providing products and services for busy retirees who want to save time on errands. Convenience is much more important for today’s busy retirees as many of these retirees are socially active, busy in sports or second careers, as well as volunteering and hobbies. The past clubhouse had activity rooms that had no programmed activities-or at best very few-had little or no retail efforts, high operating costs, and no income-generating means.Learn more by visiting Reasons for Getting Accommodation At a Retirement Village

One architectural design firm created a prototype of its active adult retail concept for age-restricted communities. It is between 11 and 19 hectares, or a strip mall ‘s standard size. The planned mix for this village will consist of 40 percent retail shops, 30 percent providers of food and entertainment and another 30 percent dedicated to education and finance.

The planned prototype launched by this firm shows a general store or department store which is about a third of the usual grocery store’s floor space. This store will focus on the needs of baby boomers and seniors, including retirement help services. A retail village pharmacy will specialise in meeting the needs of the active adults. It will have a diagnostic room where things like blood pressure are self-checked. The prototype includes small branches for three banks, a kitchen equipment store, a bookstore, a pet store, and one for retirement and needs for seniors such as supporting equipment and hearing aids.

A bed and breakfast can also be a part of this new active retirement community for adults, as a place to house friends and visitors out of town.