Naperville Spinal Decompression – Things To Know

Spinal decompression therapy is often an integral part of chiropractic care. This treatment is used by chiropractors for non-traumatic causes such as subluxations and spinal stenosis, and it is also sometimes recommended for patients with cancer who have been diagnosed with palliative care (treatment with medications). In addition, chiropractors may refer their patients to physical therapists or osteopaths for spinal decompression, when spinal stenosis is due to a diagnosis of spinal degeneration or osteoarthritis.You may want to check out Naperville spinal decompression for more.

Spinal decompression is essentially a surgical method meant to relieve pressure off the spinal cord, especially on one or more impacted nerve roots passing through the spine. The method works by compressing spinal nerves and discs to reduce pain and pressure, allowing a natural lubricating effect that relieves pressure from around the spine. This technique was originally developed in the 1970s, and is a non-surgical alternative to back surgery. Although chiropractic uses spinal decompression to relieve pain and treat conditions such as myelasia, cervical spondylosis, degenerative bone diseases, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and subluxation, many other medical conditions can also be treated by spinal decompression. For example, in cancer patients, decompression may be recommended to treat pain due to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.

It is important to note that spinal decompression therapy may also be accompanied by non-surgical spinal decompression therapy to help relieve back pain associated with hip and knee replacements, or after surgery. However, non-surgical decompression may help relieve pain caused by a herniated disc, or due to degenerative bone diseases, while spinal decompression may help relieve pain caused by arthritis. In fact, both nonsurgical and surgical spinal decompression therapy can be used to treat many different conditions, from herniated disks, to osteoarthritis, to spinal stenosis, and more. The next time you feel discomfort in your lower back or if you notice pain on your legs, you may want to talk to your doctor about your condition.


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