Medical Marijuana – A Qualifying Condition

Medical marijuana, also known as medicinal marijuana, is medical cannabis and certain cannabinoids which are often prescribed by doctors for their terminally ill patients. In some countries such as the United States, it has been approved by the government as something which can be used for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is not the same as recreational marijuana or even prescription drugs for the simple reason that it is not smoked like the other stuffs. The medicine is often applied topically on the skin, in the form of creams, gels or sprays which contain a small quantity of the medicine. However, this application may not be approved by the government and is subject to the laws of each state in America. For more details click Ohio Green Team – Medical Marijuana Doctors & Recommendations.

The medical marijuana is given to alleviate the debilitating symptoms experienced by those who suffer from the different kinds of chronic pain. There are certain conditions in which this medication may be legally obtained by a qualifying condition such as cancer, glaucoma, AIDS or chronic pain, along with many other diseases. A doctor must decide whether or not the patient needs a medical treatment with medical marijuana and what qualifies as a qualifying condition. Before a person can acquire the medication, he or she must be advised by a licensed health care professional as to what the treatment is and how it will affect the qualifying condition.

Medical marijuana is not approved for smoking like tobacco and it cannot be sold over the counter. To get the medical marijuana, a person must join a qualified and registered organization which must also be affiliated with a state board. A certified organization that is approved by the United States government must meet a set of rules and regulations. Before being approved to join the organization, a patient must also complete an application for enrollment, which will be governed by federal and state laws.