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And while our system is imperfect, these Constitutional Rights are the best balance of providing protection to those accused while at the same time not overly limiting the government’s attempt to identify, arrest and ultimately prosecute those who are criminally responsible, in that innocent people are still convicted. I mention these rights because they are what is really being defended by a defence attorney.I strongly suggest you to visit Hempstead Criminal Defense Attorney to learn more about this.

The other party usually falls into one of two categories in my numerous discussions with those who have a problem with Criminal Defense: 1. 1. They believe that too many rights are granted in our system, and there should be less protection for criminal defendants or 2. Unless the criminal defendant is ‘obviously guilty,’ they feel the rights are appropriate and should be maintained. As for the first category, these individuals usually hold this perception because they believe they would never face criminal prosecution, so they would never be subject to the restriction of these rights. Too many times, however, innocent individuals are suspected of crimes and without these rights in place, without these protections in place, they could face prosecution and ultimately conviction. A simple matter of ‘wrong place, wrong time’ can lead to accusations of crime against an innocent individual. And as cautious and legitimate as one can attempt to live their lives, there is always the possibility of an identification of error or chance encounter that can turn the life of a person upside down. For instance, if an officer had the right to stop you on the highway solely because you look suspicious, search your car because he/she feels like it, and arrest you without first having established a probable cause, would you really feel comfortable? As for the second category, there is a narrow and, more importantly, incorrect view of this idea of different standards for different people.


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