Know About House Cleaners

If you’re an employer concerned about the potential dangers of allowing house cleaners, nannies, and other health care workers back into your house, remember it is the worker themselves who faces the most significant risk of being infected by those of the rest of the households where they worked. For this reason, most house cleaning companies only hire licensed and insured house cleaners. It’s worth asking them how many years they have been operating their business before you agree to pay them for the services. Be wary also of companies who offer a free trial service or a discount on cleaning supplies because these can often be used as an inducement to get you to hire them as opposed to one of your competitors. Learn more about house cleaners NYC.

House cleaners also need to be insured in cases of sickness and injury, as you will need to provide a safe working environment and at the same time protect your staff against different levels of injuries and illnesses. Ask whether the house cleaning company carries medical insurance for their employees. Check with their insurance company for a list of covered items, including equipment such as brooms, disinfectants, gloves, disinfectant pads, disinfectant sprays and dusting kits. Some of these items will need replacement during any cleaning project, whereas others will have to be purchased, usually on a monthly basis, depending upon their use. Also check to see if the company provides insurance against property damage and personal injury. This insurance is meant to protect the company from unexpected occurrences and is not an expense you should have to bear.

Finally, ensure that the house cleaning company you choose is bonded and insured. A bonded cleaning company is a safe bet when hiring employees who will provide excellent service and keep your house clean. If they don’t pass a background check, or if they’re not insured, you could be putting your home and/or family members at risk. The Better Business Bureau has detailed information about bonded companies, but make sure you do some more research into the background of your chosen company before you decide to hire them. Ask for references and ask the workers that will be doing your cleaning whether the company has any complaints against it. If there are, you may wish to avoid hiring the cleaning company.