Insurance Companies and Water Damage

The hurricane season starts on June 1st and brings with it the danger of flooding in the Houston area and water damage. Water damage can occur from water entering structures breached by wind damage and falling trees, or by increasing flood waters from the torrential rains linked to the storm, as we know from our recent Hurricane Ike experience.
And if that was not frightening enough, on average, in a metro area the size of Houston from other causes, such as damaged water pipes, malfunctioning appliances and water heaters, and sewage backups, there are over 1,000 water damage accidents a month. Browse this site listing about Water Mold Fire Restoration of Dallas-Mold Removal
While most water damage accidents can’t be avoided, you can plan for it and help mitigate the damage if it occurs. Prepare to check your insurance policy by taking 30 minutes to make sure you understand your coverage, and if you’re not sure, don’t hesitate to contact your agent. You don’t want to make the expensive mistake of believing that you’re protected by something only to find out that when you really need it, you’re not.
One thing to remember is whether you have flood insurance covering you, which is not part of a standard property policy, for damage from rising water. If you do not have flood insurance and it is not possible to distinguish whether wind (protected in most policies) or rising water caused the damage to your house, you will not be covered.
Insurance firms have claimed in the past to refuse compensation if they can prove that the water caused the loss, even if there was also wind damage. When you are attempting to rebound from a traumatic defeat, you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of legal fights.
Limit the damage to any areas that have been soaked before accessing those areas or touching something electrical by turning off the electric breakers. Shift or put Styrofoam blocks under objects on the floor in wet areas or areas the water is still flowing towards. Styrofoam blocks can be obtained at janitorial supply houses or online. They are really cheap and a lot of harm can be avoided.
And don’t hesitate. Many insurance plans require steps to be taken by the policy holder to prevent further harm. In preventing the development of mold and other microbes that can contribute to an unsafe atmosphere and the need for more comprehensive structural repairs, experts agree that the first hours are crucial.