Installing Solar Panels on your Roof- The Benefits

Whether you know it or not,building solar panels for your roof has more benefits than you think. Socially, monetarily, and mentally your situation will improve. Don’t believe it? Just read these 5 reasons why solar panels for your roof will change you for the better. read more

1) Cool Factor-Everyone you know will think of you as this cool person who powers their home and saves money at the same time. I know it sounds cheesy, but I can tell you that in the grand scheme or things, not many people have solar power yet. Those that do are seen as pioneers-remember high school? It was the kids with the new fashions who were cool. Same deal here.

2) Government incentives-In most states and provinces in North America, the provincial/state and federal governments are offering tax incentives to those who invest in green energy. So you spend money to reduce your energy bills, and in return you get money back for being socially and environmentally responsible!

3) More Money!- Yes by building solar panels for your roof you will save money-and lots of it. It is quite easy to generate enough energy from the sun to power at least 50% of your home. I don’t know what your energy bill looks like but having mine cut down from $150 to $75 bucks was pretty sweet. And that was just using solar, wait till you discover wind power!

4) Your roof ain’t the only place- Got a big open yard? A large field beside your house? It’s easy to add on once you get started. Why not add on a few more panels in the fields or one in your yard. The more the merrier when it comes to free energy.

5) Sell it back!-If you can generate enough energy to be completely self-sufficient, which is easily achievable, then you can actually sell power back to your energy provider. Now this won’t happen over night, but once you have enough solar panels for your roof, maybe a wind turbine or two, you will be making more energy than you need. How great would it be to get paid for something that you make for free?!