Information About Why is Desert Sand not Used for Construction?

One of the most commonly asked questions by the “green” crowd is, “Why is desert sand not used for construction?” They all want to see our deserts springing up from deserts and building skyscrapers and stadiums on them, or turning deserts into green meadows. But are they interested in what we do with the sand that we use or how we treat it? It seems that many of them do not actually understand the reasons that were given to justify the use of the sand, just the act of using it and/or the way that we dispose of it. Learn more about installation service.

The main reason that is often given for the use of “desert sand” is that it was taken out of a recently “drought-ridden” area, and that no one knows if it will be able to support human life in a city or town where there is plenty of rain. Now this may be true in some locales, but the fact is that the “desert sand” is not naturally occurring. And most sand in the world is composed of sandy mineral deposits that have been underground over millions of years. In most cases, once we dig it out of the ground, it will take millions of years for it to be ready for the “building industry.” In addition, most sand is not easy to work with as well, requiring specialized equipment and tools that most people do not own.

Another reason that is often given for desert sand being used for building and/or landscaping is that it has thermal qualities that allow it to make very good insulation. But is it also true that desert sand can make firewood burns better than most other types of wood? And can it help keep our homes warmer during the cold winter months? There are many things to realize when you begin to look at the “why is desert sand not used for construction?” questions that need to be answered before we can answer them honestly.