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Liven up your upcoming party with delicious Ice cream Cups and other Great Value Chocolates. These simple yet tasty treats are an old-fashioned yet fun ice cream treat for young and old alike. Get More Information  Add them to your party menu or simply enjoy them on their own. Indulge into this delectable treat right from your ice cream tub and enjoy it like an ice cream treat or add a sprinkle of chocolate, sprinkles or nuts to top it off. This fun and delightful treats can be served as a dessert or a quick food during a party.

These delicious confections come in many different flavors. There are classic favorites like Vanilla and chocolate, which can make any party a hit among young and old alike, but there are also some exciting twists such as Mint Chocolate, Cinnamon Roll, and Lemon Meringue and much more. There are even some with different themes such as animals, weddings, and even a Christmas theme. You can add your own special touch to a unique taste and look by personalizing your own ice cream cup. Make your favorite cup the talk of the party by choosing a fun design and personalize it with a nice ribbon, bows or even a personal message.

When you order chocolate you will find it comes in so many flavors and types to satisfy everyone. You can choose from white or milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cocoa, and dark chocolates that have a caramel color. Each type has its own unique flavor. Many people like to go with white chocolate since it is sweet and is very rich in flavor, but you can still have chocolate that tastes like candy if you wish. You can add a sprinkling of your favorite toppings or even use different types of fillings. You can even go with different kinds of ingredients and recipes and get them together for a creative twist.